Go Cross-Niche

So you’re getting yourself onto every single social media planet under the sun, great! Next, you need to think about getting yourself into multiple communities so that you can be seen by as many people as possible on those social media channels.

For example, if you have a blog about building muscle then you don’t only need to post in muscle building communities. You can just as well post in style communities and martial arts communities – both these groups might be interested in the subject matter and especially if you find a way to make it applicable.

An article like ‘How to Build Muscle for Grappling’ is a unique topic and a great way to bring a whole new audience to your site! This is another reason that The Art of Manliness is such a good brand – it combines lots of niches under one heading, making something that has a clear and defined purpose while still appealing to a lot of people!

Don’t Try to Cater to Everyone

BUT with that said, you also shouldn’t try to appeal to everyone. The old saying goes that if you try and please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no-one. And that is definitely true in this scenario. We’ve talked at length about the importance of having a very clear and defined brand with a clear purpose. Know what you’re about and know who you cater to. And don’t water down that message to appeal to everyone.

Why? Because that’s how you end up back with articles like ‘7 Ab Exercises You Can Do At Home!’. It’s bland, it doesn’t stand out and you’re now competing with the entire niche. A good example here is Brain Pickings. Brain Pickings is a blog run by Maria Popova that specializes in truly in-depth and highbrow content about the brain, literature, philosophy, politics, art and more.

An example of a post on the site is: “Oliver Sacks on Death, Destiny and the Redemptive Radiance of a Life Fully Lived”. Now that’s definitely not a post that has ‘mass appeal’! But that’s actually perfect because it’s the very reason that the site has done so well. For the right kind of reader, this is a very unique site that will offer just the kind of content they like – and that they can’t find anywhere else.

It instantly stands out, it’s immediately apparent that it is different and it’s overall a very strong brand. Another thing to consider here is that you don’t want to try and get everyone to your website and blog anyway, meaning you don’t want to get everyone to sign up for your social media.

For most people reading this, a social media account will be used to sell a product. And as you likely know, that means you want targeted leads. Getting the wrong kind of person to your site means you probably won’t sell products to them, so this will have been a waste of everyone’s time.

If you’re building a community, then they likely won’t have as much to contribute as the people who are real fans of the kind of content you are putting out. So instead, focus on creating something really unique and focusing on that specific persona. Don’t be afraid to turn some people off from your blog, as they likely weren’t the right fit anyway!

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